Property Management

LSI Property Management offers full-service property management; from maintaining your property, to finding tenants, all details are covered. We offer staffed licensed real estate specialists who are available anytime, whether it is a property emergency at 3 am or helping eliminate the stress of management from you.

The property management specialists at LSI help to make your investment as profitable as possible by placing quality tenants at marketable rental rates. We are constantly watching the real estate market and conditions in order to help minimize vacancies. Most Owners prefer a one year lease as the charge for managing is less than vacation, corporate or short term leases.

When a new tenant is ready to move in, we not only take digital photos but we do a comprehensive walk through with documentation, as well as thoroughly go over the lease. We feel that in doing it the way we do there will be less opportunity for any misunderstandings in regards to the lease and the signing thereafter.

We make our security deposits fully refundable as this encourages the tenant(s) to leave the property in equal or better condition as it was upon execution of the lease. Upon completion of the lease term, tenants are advised to clean the property inside and out as well as get the carpets professionally cleaned. Once out, the condition of the move out is compared to the condition of the move in.

For a market analysis on your property, please contact us.